who said you can’t buy time?

Focus on high value work and let your Assistant do the rest

Fully managed Virtual Assistants for Startups and SMBs at a fraction of the cost

Time is your most important resource

We help take it back

Improved Productivity

Focus on high impact strategic work and reduce context switching. Let your Laya Associate take care of the rest. 

Better work-life balance

Reduce burnout and have a more balanced and healthier life. Need to go on vacation? Now you can do it!

Personal Tasks Support

Bump up the most important people in your life on your priority list. Flowers for Mom? Done! Date night? Done!

How LayaHelps

Fully Managed

From sourcing, matching, and onboarding support, to time tracking, performance management, salary & benefits, and compliance… we take care of everything.

High Quality Talent

Tap a remote pool of college educated, experienced, and fully-vetted talent that’s matched to your specific needs.

Big Savings

Receive full-time support aligned to your working hours while saving 50% plus compared to hiring local talent with the same skill set.


Get high quality talent at a fraction of the cost. Your Laya Associate gets compensated above local standards and receive full benefits while working from home.

Welcome to your future with a LayaHelps Associate

Do the important stuff and let the rest happen magically

How It Works


Free Consultation

Share your needs and requirements on a free consultation call with one of our Advisors 

Get Matched with your VA

Get matched with a college educated, experienced, and fully vetted VA that suits your needs

Start Delegating

Start delegating tasks, share your preferences, and immerse your VA into your workflows

An Assistant matched to your needs

Fully managed, dedicated, 40 hours per week full-time support

Professional Plan

executive assistant


per hour

Proactive & Strategic Role

Maximize your impact and improve your productivity

Core Competencies of a LayaHelps Executive Assistant

  • Proactive Communication
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Navigating Complex Challenges
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)Operations and Communication
  • Tailored Solutions

Starter Plan

virtual assistant


per hour

Delegation Machine

Responsive & Task-Oriented

Typical Roles:

  • Admin Assistant
  • Customer Support Rep
  • Junior Sales Dev Rep
  • Social Media Manager

Executive Assistant Plus

Executive Assistant + Specialized Skill

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Work Smarter and Maximize your Impact

You juggle multiple priorities, but your to-do list keeps getting longer. You want to focus on high impact work but get pulled into administrative and operational tasks. Sounds familiar?

This constant context switching hampers your productivity. It can also lead to burnout and poor work-life balance. 


Your Virtual Executive Assistant Solution! Streamline Tasks, Maximize Efficiency, and Achieve Success with Our Expert Assistance. 

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